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Here is a list of Canadian companies currently supplying alpiste (Canary seed) products.

InfraReady Logo Orange.jpg

InfraReady Products (1998) Ltd. 


Alpiste (Canary seed) flour and meal
(raw or pre-cooked)

purley canada trans.png

Purely Canada Foods


Coming Soon

Brennan and Cara Wiens

& Tim and Jeannine James


Dehulled glabrous Canary seed

(Alpiste groats)

Want to become an alpiste processor?

CSDCS Logo.png

Growing the Supply Chain

As alpiste has only recently been approved for human food consumption in Canada and the US, we are building the industry and always looking for new companies to grow the supply chain. If you have any questions on setting up alpiste (Canary seed) processing capacity, please contact the
Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan

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